Veterinary Care

in Grove City, Ohio

We love your pets like our own! 

We’re here to keep your dogs and cats healthy with loving and affordable veterinary care.

Every pet’s a little different—different needs, different personalities, different backgrounds. Our veterinarians are dog and cat care experts. We listen and provide compassionate custom care that works best for your furry family.



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Our Mission

Communicate our compassion, knowledge, skill, and positivity, with every interaction—while showing our appreciation of the individual needs of every dog, cat, and pet pawrent.  



Stringtown Animal Hospital & Surgical Center focuses on the individual risks a dog or cat has and the needs of the entire pet family—a pathway to healthier pets, happier clients, and affordable care.

Please interact with us. We want to know your expectations, needs, and concerns so we can develop a unique care plan— together as a team—that will be effective, affordable, and successful.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated core team of veterinarians & managers at Stringtown Animal Hospital, committed to providing exceptional care for your furry family.

In addition to our skilled core team, we also employ relief veterinarians who seamlessly step in when needed. Our relief veterinarians undergo rigorous vetting to ensure they have the necessary skills and align with the values of our pet-loving community. Our primary objective is to be there for your pets when they need us the most, and the inclusion of relief veterinarians plays a key role in achieving this goal.

Dr. Ellie Scott

Dr. Ellie Scott

Veterinarian & Practice Owner

 Dr. Scott graduated from the Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Upon graduation, she practiced in Cape Coral, Florida at a busy 6 doctor practice. Upon her return to Columbus she practiced as a relief veterinarian traveling throughout central Ohio.  She enjoyed being able to adapt care plans based on the individual needs of patients. The benefits she witnessed prompted her to develop a care facility that focuses on educating pet parents and working with them as a team. She purchased Stringtown Animal Hospital in December of 2004 with this goal. She provides a unique care experience that quickly comforts her patients and their families.  She enjoys surgery and providing individual positive experiences with each patient visit. Dr. Scott’s family includes two German Shepherds—Bunter & Viggo— and two adorable Boston Terriers—Locee & Mira. She has a long term partner, Barry, that can often be seen helping at the hospital with his sidekick Frenchie, Sascia.

Dr. Jim Carter

Dr. Jim Carter

Veterinarian/Medical Director

Dr. Jim Carter grew up on a farm in Guernsey County Ohio and attended Ohio University for his undergraduate studies. He completed his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University in 1993. He is an avid conservationist and practices environmental protection for wildlife on his farm in Vinton County, Ohio. His gentle demeanor and compassion are a great comfort to his patients. Dr. Carter’s family includes his German Shepherd, Viggo.

Sherry Geyer, RVT

Sherry Geyer, RVT

Office Manager / Registered Veterinary Technician / Hospital Coordinator

Sherry graduated from Bradford University with her Veterinary Technician degree in 2016. She tirelessly coordinates patient care and provides organization and structure to all areas of the hospital. She and her husband, Jarod, share their home with two Beagles (her absolute favorite breed), three kitties, and the most adorable Pomeranian.

Our staff loves your pets like their own!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose
Stringtown Animal Hospital & Surgical Center


  • Our compassion for dogs & cats!

  • Our knowledge of pet health

  • Our individualized care

  • Our positive and skilled team

  • Our appreciation of YOU!

Preventive (Wellness) Care

Our team will evaluate your pet’s lifestyle to determine what vaccines, food, heartworm preventive and testing will keep them healthy. Twice a year examinations allow us to guide you as your pet ages and needs change.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our onsite diagnostic laboratory provides quick accurate answers when your pet is ill. Therefore, blood, fecal, and urine tests, radiographs, and ultrasound can be performed onsite. This results in immediate treatment and avoidance of higher costs of testing at specialty hospitals.

Surgical Services

All of our surgeries are performed with the same supportive care that a human hospital delivers. Check out our Laparoscopic surgery options.  Pre-anesthetic blood tests, intravenous fluids, continuous heart and respiratory monitoring, pain medication, and personal designated Registered Veterinary Technician for your pet are our standard of care.

Technician Appointments

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians go above and beyond to assist you with the care needed for your pet. Technicians are available onsite, by phone,  e-mail and text messaging to answer questions and make sure you are comfortable with the care prescribed for your pet.