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Does your cat or dog need a wellness plan?

A wellness plan is the very best gift you can give your furbaby! It’s a monthly plan that covers wellness exams, vaccinations, and more! 


Dogs and cats benefit from preventive care plans at every age and life stage. Created by our veterinarians, our wellness plans provide the most comprehensive care and early disease detection for your pet from the time they are a tiny furball through their senior years.

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7 tips to keep your senior pet healthy and happy:

1. Physical appointments every 6 months allow us to detect health problems early.

2.Keep them moving! Exercise helps your pet’s joints, weight, and mental stimulation.

3. Feed them right. Less active = fewer calories needed. Use pet food formulated for your pet’s age recommended by your vet.

4. Watch for changes in behavior like irritability, loss of appetite, increased thirst, hair loss, wandering, problems sitting, standing or climbing stairs, changes in bowel movements or urination.

5. Help them stay clean. Brush teeth and fur regularly. (Use the time to cuddle).

6. Keep your home senior pet-friendly with orthopedic beds and easy access to water.

7. Treat them to extra cuddles, favorite treats, and engaging conversation! ♥

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Common Health Issues

for Senior Pets: 

Hearing and vision loss

Tissue deterioration in eyes and ears can cause varying degrees of deafness or blindness.  Senior pets can also develop cataracts that can cause partial or total blindness. 

Joint Issues or Arthritis

Loss of lubrication and wearing away cartilage in the shoulder, hips and leg joints can make it harder for senior pets to get around. You may see your senior pet favor a limb, sleeping more, hesitant to jump, gain weight or have difficulty sitting or standing. Proper nutrition can help reduce joint problems. 


Cancer can sometimes be detected by new lumps or bumps (but not all are cancerous.) Get regular check-ups every six months.


Lots of things can lead to diabetes in pets – obesity, pancreatitis, genetics, autoimmune diseases. Regular physical exams can lead to early detection. 


As pets age, they become less active and pets that carry excess weight are more likely to develop illnesses like diabetes. Be sure to feed your pet age-appropriate meals as recommended by your vet.

Stomach, Bladder, Liver & Kidney Issues

Vomiting and/or diarrhea can be indicators of stomach issues. Incontinence, straining to urinate or blood in urine can be a sign of a urinary infection. Decreased appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, poor hair coat or a sore mouth can be signs of kidney disease.

Heart Problems

Coughing, difficulty breathing, decreased appetite or tolerance for exercise or vomiting are all possible indicators of heart issues. 

Dementia or Cognitive Dysfunction

With age, pets can lose cognitive functions. Confusion and disorientation, fear of loud noises, whining or barking for no reason, getting lost in familiar spaces, or bathroom accidents are all possible signs of dementia. 

Dental Pain/Infection

Dental diseases can impact your pet’s major organs – heart, kidney, liver, lungs and even bladder. And one of the biggest problems associated with poor dental health is infection. Infections can enter into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. Bad breath, tartar, inflamed gums are all possible signs of dental health issues. 

Senior Pet Care Products We ♥♥♥!

Purina Neurocare Canine Food

Nutrition that supports brain health to prevent/improve decreased cognitive function (dementia). Setup auto ship and save 10% and get free shipping.

Omega Fatty Acids with vitamins

Omega Fatty Acids with Vitamins

Balancing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with vitamins supports joints, liver, brain, and skin. Capsules are super yummy and can be punctured to apply liquid directly to food.

Cosequin supplement for cats

Cosequin for Cats (Sprinkle Caps)

Supports healthy joints and healthy bladder. Cats love it!

Pro Plan Veterinary Supplments Hydra Care for Cats

Purina Hydra Care for Cats

Maintaining good hydration is vital to providing good kidney and bladder health. Cat illnesses such as liver failure, kidney failure, and diabetes require consistent hydration and electrolytes which can be difficult to maintain through drinking  alone in cats that are ill.  Setup auto ship and save 10% as and get free shipping.

Dasuquin joint supplements for dogs

Dasuquin Advanced for Dogs (Yummy Chew)

There are many joint supplements for dogs, but only Dasuquin advanced inhibits joint degeneration and provides anti-inflammatory/pain relief. This allows for less pain medication needed.

Clenz a dent water additive

Clenz-a-Dent Water Additive

Bacteria in tartar on teeth are a constant source of infection into your pet’s body. Heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetic infections are common results from untreated teeth issues. This additive decreases the bacteria in the mouth with enzymes that breakdown the particles within tartar that adhere bacteria. Always provide plain fresh water in addition to water additive water.

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How to keep your pet mentally healthy

When brains are stimulated in new ways and forced to focus on something to succeed, degeneration slows. 

  • New toys! Toys keep your pets playful and active. 
  • New forms of exercise. Try a new way of getting your pets to exercise like taking stairs, fetch, tug games, swimming, or hide-and-seek. 
  • Older pets CAN learn new tricks. Pick a new command to train your pet. 





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