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When your pet suddenly becomes ill, you want the best care as fast as possible. Our entire team is trained to assist you quickly in determining whether your pet is experiencing an emergency and guide you through the process of getting them the treatment they need.


Call us at (614) 871-7705 during open hours.

Call MedVet Worthington at (614) 846-5800 after hours. 

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Common Emergencies Requiring Immediate Medical Attention

Convulsions or Seizures

Seizures or convulsions are one of the most frequently reported neurologic conditions in pets. They are signs of a temporary involuntary disturbance of the normal brain function that is accompanied by uncontrollable muscle activity.


Difficulty Breathing

There are many illnesses than can cause a pet to have difficulty breathing. A dog or cat with heart disease, asthma, infection, anemia, cancer, or rat poison ingestion can exhibit the same outward signs breathing difficulty. Evaluation and determination of the cause is vital to treating a pet in this condition.  


Unable to rise, stumbling, or disoriented

Neurologic disorders, weakness, fractures, internal blood loss, and pain can make your pet appear disoriented or refuse to stand. Take care when moving pets with these symptoms as they may not be aware of their surroundings and could unintentionally cause you harm.


Active Bleeding

Patients with active bleeding can quickly go into to shock and become disoriented. Take care to protect yourself when handling an injured pet. Use a towel to wrap areas that are bleeding and apply pressure until directed otherwise. 


Unable to Urinate

The inability to urinate can occur in pets that have developed bladder stones or inflammation in the urethra. If you have not seen your pet urinate in 24 hours, call for guidance. 


Ingested a Harmful Substance

Many substances that are not harmful to humans can be harmful to pets. Medications, plants, fruits, chewing gum, and chocolate are common culprits of toxicity.

The ASPCA Pet Poison Control Helpline is available 24 hours a day at justanswer.com or 1 (800) 222-1222.



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