Laser Therapy for Pets

posted: by: Ellie Scott, DVM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Laser Therapy uses a dose of light that decreases inflammation, decreases pain, and stimulates healing. Our doctors prescribe this treatment for a variety of conditions from acute injury to chronic problems like arthritis. Chronic pain from arthritis can lead to secondary problems of obesity and depression. Laser therapy is a great way to increase comfort and activity without invasive procedures or medication. Patients enjoy a relaxing treatment with lasting effects afterward. 

Other conditions that are frequently treated are:
*Surgical Incisions                     *Bladder Infections
*Ear Infections                           *Wounds
*Anal Gland Infections              *Leg Lameness
*Broken Bones                           *Gingivitis and Mouth Pain

Therapy visits last 5-15 minutes depending on condition that it is prescribed for. Our Registered Technicians are trained with use and  provide effective results. Initially, treatments occur twice a week and decreased frequency achieved as condition improves. Package pricing is available for increased affordability.